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Quantum Fitness 3KG Medicine Ball: Elevate your core strength training with our durable and textured rubber medicine ball. Ideal for versatile multi-grip exercises, this fitness tool ensures a secure hold and durability to withstand your toughest workouts. Quantum Fitness - Your partner for effective fitness solutions.

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Introducing the Quantum Fitness 3KG Medicine Ball – Your Ultimate Tool for Effective Core Strength Training!

Elevate your fitness journey with the Quantum Fitness 3KG Medicine Ball, specially designed to enhance your core strength and overall workout experience. Crafted with utmost precision and quality, this medicine ball is your key to achieving your fitness goals.

Key Features:

  1. Textured Rubber Surface: Our 3KG Medicine Ball is engineered with a textured rubber surface that provides an enhanced grip. Say goodbye to slips and accidents during your workouts, as this feature ensures a secure hold, allowing you to focus on your training.
  2. Durable Dense Rubber Construction: Built to endure the demands of your training sessions, the Quantum Fitness Medicine Ball boasts a dense rubber construction. It’s exceptionally durable, ensuring it can withstand the most intense workouts, year after year.
  3. Large Diameter: With a generous diameter, this medicine ball is perfect for a variety of multi-grip exercises. Whether you’re performing planks, stability exercises, or dynamic functional movements, its ample size provides versatility in your workout routine.
  4. Ideal for Functional Core Strength Training: If you’re dedicated to achieving functional core strength, our 3KG Medicine Ball is the perfect choice. It adds dynamic resistance to your exercises, helping you build the core strength needed for a healthier, fitter you.

Choose Quantum Fitness for superior fitness equipment that guarantees your success in reaching your fitness aspirations. Take your core strength training to the next level with our 3KG Medicine Ball and experience the difference in your workouts today!


  • Textured rubber surface for improved grip
  • Durable dense rubber construction
  • Large diameter for multi grip exercises
  • Ideal for functional core strength training


Warranty – 90 days