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29,900 LKR
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or make 3 interest free instalments of LKR 9,966.67 with Koko

SILICONE OIL 0.5L: Upgrade Your Exercise Equipment's Performance in Sri Lanka. Take your exercise equipment in Sri Lanka to the next level with our Silicone Oil 0.5L. This specially formulated lubricant is designed to enhance the performance and long life of your exercise gear, ensuring it operates at its best.

or make 3 interest free instalments of LKR 9,966.67 with Koko

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Lubrication: Provides excellent lubricating properties, reducing friction and wear between moving parts.


  • Temperature Stability: Exhibits stable performance over a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent lubrication even under extreme conditions.


  • Chemical Inertness: Resistant to oxidation, moisture, and most chemicals, ensuring long-lasting lubrication and protecting equipment from corrosion.


  • Dielectric Properties: Exhibits good electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for use in electrical applications.


  • Low Volatility: Has a low vapor pressure, minimizing evaporation and extending lubrication intervals.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with various materials, including plastics, elastomers, and metals, making it versatile for different applications.


  • Non-Toxic: Generally non-toxic and safe to handle, but it’s advisable to follow manufacturer recommendations and safety guidelines.


Warranty – 90 days