SSC to revolutionize Sri Lankan sports with Power Plate

The Sinhalese Sports Club, one of the most prestigious sports clubs in Sri Lanka together with the pioneer in fitness equipment in Sri Lanka, Quantum Fitness is set to revolutionize sports and fitness training with the latest technology taking the fitness world by storm. The inaugural step toward this initiative is to introduce the revolutionizing Power Plate – the world’s premium whole body vibration technology used by high-profile athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic.

Power Plate technology is the X-factor of many world-class athletes, and high-performance facilities in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, South Africa and the rest of the world.  90% of US pro football teams, 85% of college athletes, baseball teams, basketball teams, and even Olympic medalists incorporate this amazing technology to boost their performance along with game preparation, post-match recovery and the rehabilitation process.

SSC is the very 1st Sports Club in Sri Lanka to be introduced with a Power Plate, along with its many benefits to their athletes, the power plate will be an added advantageous to their members as well. “Having produced legendary athletes to the Sri Lankan sports arena since 1899, the SSC houses cricket, tennis, squash, and swimming among its sporting facilities and the club has always prioritized on providing the best facilities, trainings and well-being of their athletes as well as their loyal members.  Putting this effort to its utmost level, the club is planning on bringing world-class high-performance training systems to our facilities”, SSC’s General Manager Chari Withanachchi said.

Apart from its fitness benefits Power Plate is the only Whole Body Vibration Machine which is recognized as a Medical Device (MDD) by the European Union and also carries with it the NEAT certification from Mayo Clinic USA. Rehabilitation centers, hospitals, hospices and Senior Citizen Care Homes all over the world also use Power Plate as this amazing machine not just benefits super athletes but is also used as a rehabilitation method for those on wheelchairs or using walking aids.

In this day and age who doesn’t like to have a 60 minute full body workout in just 15 minutes?  Time is precious for most so, Power Plate is the big solution to shorten the workouts while increasing the benefits.  SSC and its members are privileged to use this machine and conquer guaranteed results in a very short period of time. It helps to decrease obesity, burn excessive fat, increase bone and muscle strength, reduces the chance of arthritis, joint pains, osteoporosis, increases mobility and flexibility, ensures faster recovery, decreases cellulites, and the list goes on.

For more information on the Power Plate, please call 077 880 2600 or visit the Quantum Fitness showrooms island-wide.

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