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Sculpt and strengthen your abs with the Ab Machine! This innovative equipment targets your core muscles, providing an effective workout for a flatter, firmer stomach.

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Adjustable Difficulty Levels Ab Machine has 3 difficulty levels, simply adjust the difficulty level through low, medium or high inclination levels on the side of the machine. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout sessions as you become comfortable with an Ab machine- no personal trainer required.

Multi- Purpose Use The Ab Machine is designed to hyper-target your abdominal muscles including the obliques with our unique bi-lateral swivel technology. Our machine also works your core, lower-back & upper body muscles, making SideShaper your new-favorite fat burning machine. Perfect for men and women to shred excess fat and build essential muscles that will tone your arms, back and bottom.

LCD Display  Includes LCD smart training computer monitor that calculates exercise time, repetition, and calories burned during workouts.

Easy to Assemble & Fold Clear and brief instructions make it much easier to assemble compared to other workout systems. Ab Machine can be folded up when you’re not using it – so it can be quickly stored in the closet, under the bed or behind the sofa. When our machine is opened up, it can be used safely within a 6ft x 4ft space. You’ll be shocked with the functionality behind our ORIGINAL “reverse-crunch” core-shredding SideShaper.

High Quality & Durability SideShaper is made of heavy-duty steel – which allows our device to be compact (but most importantly) strong and stable. The recommended weight capacity should be no more than 100Kg.


  • Sturdy Construction: Constructed from durable steel, the AB machine offers stability and reliability during workouts, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Adjustable Resistance: Featuring multiple resistance levels, users can customize their workout intensity to suit their fitness level and goals, enabling progressive overload for continuous improvement.
  • Comfortable Padding: Ergonomically designed with high-density foam padding, the AB machine provides comfort and support during exercises, minimizing discomfort and pressure points.
  • Compact Design: With a space-saving design, the AB machine is suitable for home gyms and limited workout spaces, allowing users to maximize their available area without compromising functionality.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with secure locking mechanisms and non-slip footrests, the AB machine prioritizes user safety, providing a stable platform for effective workouts while minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries.